missionaryboys.com From one of our stories: Elder Hansen hasnít been a missionary for very long, but the guy already misses the freedom and the comfort of his home. The handsome Elder Hansen has always been a little nerdy, and fitting in with the other missionaries has proven difficult for the little man. Whenever they chat about sports or their girlfriends back home, Elder Hansen tends to fall quiet... Come and check what is behind his silence! In addition to his homesickness, the young guy has been struggling with secret sexual attraction to the other men in the mission. The first time Elder Hansen saw his companion, Elder Jones, naked ó he thought he was going to have a heart attack. Elder Hansen couldnít believe how huge the manís cock is! And the older men who lead the missionaries ó heís so physically and mentally aroused by these guys that he can barely make eye-contact. Elder Hansen has decided to touch out his mission, and see what his priesthood leaders have in store... Enjoy all new movies and photos!
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